BerkeleyGW Workshop and Conference – 2019


We are happy to have you join us for the 6th annual BerkeleyGW workshop, from June 3-5 2019, and mini-conference, from June 6-7, here in the Bay Area! BerkeleyGW has a rapidly expanding user base and set of features, so we are excited to welcome you to the community of BerkeleyGW users. We hope you will find this workshop useful and engaging, and we welcome your feedback on how we can improve it to better explain the covered material or be more relevant to your research needs.

BerkeleyGW Mini-Conference

After the workshop, there will be a two-day mini-conference on 6-7 June focusing on new and ongoing electronic-structure problems that can be, or soon will be, accessed with the BerkeleyGW software package. The schedule is available here.


Please register for the workshop here.